Billy Ray Hall Jr.

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Billy Ray Hall Jr. works at Prater & Ridley law offices in Temple, Texas and he is most differently a corrupt attorney practicing in the Bell County Area of Texas. He cares nothing about the clients and has been known to just take clients money and sell them out to the corrupt District Attorneys office. Whatever you do, if you see this attorney coming your way run the other way…. Now Billy Ray I am one of the people you did this to and you sold me down the river and I think your not only a low life excuse for a man but you are a corrupt Attorney that needs to be disbarred. The trash can is running over and the citizens need to take the trash out. Please if your one of his victims join our cause!

2 thoughts on “Billy Ray Hall Jr.

  1. A Citizen says:

    I very much know this guy and your are right. He took my money and did nothing. I reported him to the bar but also nothing got done. I really would like to see this guy pay for the wrong he done unto all that he sold out. Can you give me some advise? I want to join any and all class actions and petitions that may be started about this guy!

  2. Terry Sanders says:

    He also sold me out to that corrupt pool over there in Bell County. I also reported him to the bar so why not get his record of complaints from the bar and post all of them! I know he is a dirty rotten person that just takes peoples money and cares less about them. I would also be very interested in joining any suite that may be started on this man!

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